What is N2?

N2: behind the new frontier in esports fashion

As fashion continues to enlarge on its ever-increasing presence within the world of esports, you’d be forgiven for forgetting the days when pros meandered around stage in clashing baggy jeans, rugged tracksuits and jerseys that didn’t quite fit.

Stylistic taste has matured a lot since then, but We Are Nations’ new N2 project looks to push esports and gaming fashion even further.

From jerseys to jumpers, shoes to shirts and everything in-between, fashion has truly penetrated the worlds of gaming and esports. As a discipline involving long periods of sitting, travelling and being on camera, being comfy – and looking good – is a prerequisite for many gamers.

Gaming lifestyle brands have been quick to realise the business potential of merchandising beyond the classic staple of team jerseys.

We Are Nations, the international esports and gaming apparel company that that houses licensed product ranges from major pro teams including G2 Esports, Immortals, Complexity, Team Queso, FPX and Invictus, is looking to bring esports fashion to a whole new level with the unveiling of N2.

The N2 project, two years in the making, is a brand-new vehicle for apparel collections that will see We Are Nations collaborate with top artists and designers to create bespoke, up-market fashion collections that resonate with gaming communities.

Joshua Miller, We Are Nations Creative Director, explained: “The impetus behind N2 started in 2018 back when we were trying to expand into different markets, and we knew that in order to do that effectively, the best way to go about it would be to work with collaborators.

 “The concept behind N2 was it was a higher-end price point with elevated products, elevated production, working with one to two brand partners – hence the name, N2. We focus mainly on working with an artist or illustrator and either a brand partner or a retail partner, whether that’s online retail or brick and mortar retail or a combination of both.”

We Are Nations has been working to foster associations and synergies with a number of exciting, ground-breaking artists and creative talents from around the globe. Searching across a wide spectrum of creative media, they have explored both established and up-and-coming artists that resonate with gaming.

N2’s initial launch collaboration is with renowned Japanese artist Yoshitaka Amano, whose colourful career spans visual art, character design, illustration, scenic design and costume design.